Creamy Morning Matcha

easy endurance hot drinks japanese non-alcoholic drinks Dec 07, 2020

This delicious blend of Matcha tea and coconut butter will leave you feeling satisfied and all warm and fuzzy on the inside.


Serves: 1

Time: 15 minutes




1 cup almond, coconut or hemp milk

1 cup filtered water

1 tsp ceremonial grade matcha powder

1 tbs collagen peptides

1 tsp diatomaceous earth

1/2 tsp coconut sugar (optional) 

1 - 2 tbs coconut butter



Heat the water and plant milk on the stove to just before boiling point. Let cool slightly.

 Transfer warm liquid into a blender or bullet ( please don't put hot liquid in a bullet!)

Add in the rest of the ingredients and blend on high until combined and coconut butter is all melted. This will make it super creamy.

Pour into your favourite mug and enjoy!!



You could add other adaptogenic herbs if you felt like experimenting, when on hand I use Maca or Ashwagandha :)

My Matcha of choice is Matcha Maiden you can find them here;

I've saved some of my favourite brands for you so just head to this link and use this code to get 10% off AFS7181 at checkout xx

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