Fermented Peaches

dessert peach smoothy summer vegan Dec 07, 2020

Looking for a way to include fruit into your diet without the added sugars, bloating, or discomfort? This might just be your answer! Fermenting fruits helps to remove excess sugars making them FODMAP friendly but also preserves the vitamins, raw enzymes, and minerals we want to get from consuming fruit. These are a fantastic addition to raw desserts, smoothies, or just a nutritious snack!


Serves: 2 litres

Time: 2 Days



 Fresh peaches - Approx 15 

1/4 cup coconut water kefir

Spices if desired - cinnamon, clove, vanilla, etc.


Give your fruit a quick rinse, then halve them and discard the stones.

Place then into a 2 litre fermenting jar along with any spices you wish to add. Put in your coconut water kefir and then top up with filtered water until all the fruit is covered.

Cover with a cabbage leaf or some sort of weight to hold all the fruit down under the brine, you don't want any poking up as this will encourage mold to grown, yuck!

Cap your jar and leave it on your kitchen bench for 2 days to ferment, then transfer to your fridge to be consumed within the next week.


Be aware that the fruit will ferment much quicker in warmer climates so you can just have a taste and see when they don't taste sweet anymore and all the sugar has been eaten up.

You can either use homemade coconut water kefir that you have made from grains, you could use store-bought (but please check the ingredients list and don't bother if you see contents you don't recognise!) or the way I've been doing it is using Kultured Wellness Kefir Starter Cultures, they are so quick and easy and FULL of the goods, check them out here; https://kulturedwellness.com/products/kefir-starter

It is important to make sure you consume your ferments within a week of putting them in the fridge, the high sugar content leaves a tendency to produce alcohol if left fermenting for too long. Even though we are cutting off the fermentation process by refrigerating we still need to be cautious and don't want to burden our liver with unwanted alcohol.



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