Milk Kefir

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Serves: 10

Time: 5 minutes (plus 12-24 hours fermentation time)


2 tbsp milk kefir grains

1000 ml full cream milk


To a hygienically clean glass jar add the Kefir grains and the litre of milk

Leave the loosely sealed jar on the kitchen bench for 12-48 hours depending on the temperature, and how tart you prefer your milk. (I cover my jar with a piece of cheesecloth and a rubber band, you could put the lid of the jar on loosely as well).

Leave longer in cooler weather, a shorter length of time in warmer weather. The grains will rise to the surface where the cream settles at the top. Eventually, the milk will separate leaving the whey at the bottom. This can occur in under 24 hours. You can smell & taste test as you go.

Use plastic, wooden or ceramic utensils. When it’s to your preferred taste, strain out the kefir grains using, ideally, a fine weave nylon strainer. The finer weave will prevent any precious teensy baby grains from passing through.

Put the grains back into the jar, then add a new supply of fresh milk & start again. The newly fermented, strained drink can go through a *2nd ferment to spritz it up a little, or you can drink it, with or without flavoring, straight away.


Be careful about drinking too much too soon. Starting with a 20 ml tbsp or a 50 ml shot glass once or twice each day would be fine. Drink more as your body adjusts to it. It’s quite potent.

Experiment & enjoy!

Milk kefir adds good bacteria to our digestive system. Before you begin, you must be aware of one very important fact: milk kefir grains consume LACTOSE which is the sugar found in the CREAM. So, please do not use low fat, light, or skinny milk. These grains do not need to go on a diet!

Raw organic milk is the best product to use, but if you’re not able to access this milk, the 2nd best choice would be organic unhomogenized full cream milk, unhomogenised milk can be found in health food stores. The 3rd third best thing would be just to find a good quality full cream milk (not UHT!).

Alternative ‘milks’ can also be fermented with Milk Kefir Grains but will need to refresh in dairy milk.


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