Learn how to make your own homemade Kombucha in 4 easy steps!

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  • Helps to stabilise blood sugars and get those cravings under control!

  • Strengthens the Immune System

  • Supports the digestive system

  • Naturally boosts energy

  • Supports healthy weight loss

  • Supports natural detoxification


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10 Benefits of Drinking


1. Strengthens the Immune System

2. Supports the digestive system

3. Naturally boosts energy

4. Supports healthy weight loss

5. Supports natural detoxification

6. Rich in B vitamins

7. Good supply of SCFA

8. Source of beneficial enzymes, probiotics, anti-oxidants, minerals & organic acids

9. Can protect against cellular damage as well as inflammatory diseases

10. Great alternative to soft drinks!

Before deciding if Kombucha is the right ferment for you and your body there are a few things to consider, like sugar!

Most people use cane sugar to make their kombucha.

Of all the types of sugar used for making kombucha, it’s the easiest for the microorganisms to break down and process. Cane sugar is sucrose, which is a large molecule formed of smaller molecules of glucose and fructose.


The longer you brew kombucha, the more sugar is processed. If you let the SCOBY work long enough, you won’t be able to taste any sugar in the tea, and it will taste just like vinegar. There are still some residual sugars, but not many.

Tests have found that there is as little as 1 gram of sugar in an 250 ml glass of plain kombucha, while other tests show between 4 grams and 8 grams, depending on how long the kombucha is brewing.

This is the beauty of making your own brew, you have complete control over taste and residual sugar.

On average, there’s usually between 2 and 4 grams of sugar in an 250 ml portion of commercially-brewed plain kombucha.

So maybe it's worth considering this:

Ingredients of Kombucha

Isn't Kombucha full of 


250ml Kombucha = 1 gm sugar


250Ml soft drink = 24 gm sugar

Other Ingredients

For your First Ferment of plain black tea Kombucha you will need the following on hand;

  • Filtered water

  • Cane sugar     

  • Loose leaf tea/teabags of organic black tea       

  • Starter liquid *(10% total volume)


Don't have a SCOBY? No worries >>>


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