Free Resources

I've created some really handy free resources for you because I believe everyone has the right to feel good and understand their body better.

If you've been thinking about taking action and figuring out what your body is telling you, then you're in the right place!

Consider these guides as my free gift to you, they might just be the little push you need to get you started xx

My Pantry Basics Checklist

Use this guide to go through your pantry and see what you already have on hand, then you can build from there. Often it feels overwhelming when you're making a big diet or lifestyle change but this guide can help you ease into it and make additions to your pantry as you need to. I'm a sucker for a list, are you!?

My Shopping List

This Shopping List and Pantry Basics go hand in hand! Grab them both and use them to build up your pantry and fridge with essentials you will use in your cooking time and time again. Once you identify items you use regularly, jot them down as you run low, or add them to your weekly shop so you're stocked up for next time!

My Gut Diary

I've included 6 fundamental daily actions to track and keep tabs on to see if you can pinpoint the source of discomfort or areas for potential improvement. Use this guide to track your intake of liquids and solids, plus take a look at other elements that impact our guts just as much, like stress and sleep quality!

My "Choosing a Probiotic" Guide

One thing I hear all the time is "how do I know which probiotic is right for me"? It can be a daunting task just figuring it all out so I've put together this guide to help you work out what's important to you and what to watch out for. The last thing you want to do is waste your money on something that does nothing!

My Elimination Diet Diary

Sometimes the best way to know if something you're eating or drinking is causing you grief is to eliminate it and notice the improvements from there! I do recommend you pare this resource with a consultation so we can carefully and safely take a look at the bigger picture and make sure what you're eliminating is being replaced with the right nutrients elsewhere. 

My Poo Chart

I'm willing to bet that most of us haven't really thought long and hard about the state of our daily poo's, amiright?  Use this guide to remind you what a good poo should feel and look like, and use the suggestions to help you get there!

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