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Briony Kean 

Gut Health Coach

Welcome to my

Heal your gut 12 week program - Just Start Today


I'm a Certified Gut Health Coach who practices a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means that I look at how all areas of your life are connected. 
Fundamentally we are all individuals,

and that’s the approach I take. 

Different cookie-cutter diets are being recommended, but the long-term results show that this doesn’t work.

We are complicated and taking a more foundational approach allows the body to correct itself.


This requires patience and customisation.

I created my 12 week Gut Healing Program to help provide my clients with the knowledge that allows them to understand how to support their bodies more effectively.

Gut health is an ever-evolving topic. The research is coming so fast and furiously that it may seem impossible to keep up!

And let’s face it – gut research is changing everything.

Many “experts” are jumping the gun and presenting assumptions as facts and making the situation more complicated for all of us.

And, unfortunately, their focus seems to all be on food – making good-quality whole foods the bad guy.

Instead, I help you find the foods that work best for 

Don't worry about the wellness gurus telling you that you have to carve out 12 hours a day to work on your meditation, mindset, green smoothies, and moving your body..... yes, those things are important but it's waaaay more complex than that as I'm sure you know, right!?

My 12 week Gut Healing Program provides a framework to make this healing possible. 
I’ll teach you why it is you feel the way you do, I'll create a roadmap to get you healing and back on track, and in 12 short weeks, you'll be feeling like your old self again. 

No deprivation. No overwhelm. It’s not hard or complicated, I'll hold your hand and support you every step of the way.

And I promise you the results will blow you away!


You're in the right place

If you are ready to find out how to get rid of;

  • Cramps

  • Bloating

  • Gas

  • Skin troubles & allergies

  • Exhaustion

  • Low Mood

  • Low Libido

  • Joint pain & inflammation

  • Headaches or migraines

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Unexplained abdominal pain

  • Embarrassing moments you have to excuse yourself from......


I promise you it can get better, it’s not complicated and you will get there! 

you can do it too.

In my 12-week Online Program Just Start Today

(I'm literally asking you to just take the leap) you will learn:

  • How to wake every morning from a good night’s sleep, well-rested. Goodbye exhaustion and fatigue!

  • How to eat intuitively and recognise your body's cravings and boundaries.

  • How to pinpoint what your triggers are for (insert symptoms here⬅) and then more importantly how to tune into what those symptoms are telling you, and what to do about them.

  • How to connect "mood & food" and change the way you look at your health 

  • How to heal your gut properly for long-lasting recovery.


I provide you with the tools and strategies that will serve you for the rest of your life.

I could sit here and tell you about all the materials and lessons you'll have access to in my program, the Facebook support group and direct Voxer access to me to troubleshoot and answer all your burning questions….. but instead, I want to tell you how you’ll actually feel, cause that’s way more exciting.


Imagine this.....

You go out (post COVID) for dinner with a group of friends to your favourite little place, order a glass of wine (Yes!) and notice they’ve got your favourite thing on the menu still. The old you would have ummed and erred about whether it's worth the risk of not making it to the toilet in time, or having a gluten belly for the rest of the night.


The new you, post my signature Gut Healing Program, orders the dish without hesitation, knows your body can handle it and that all good things must be savoured! You eat the meal, drink the wine, enjoy a wonderful night with your favourite people. You make it home without incident and have a warm fuzzy feeling in your (not bloated) belly.


The End.

This is 100% your story if you  Just Start Today


I did it, my students are doing it, and

Colorful Food
I know you crave

But perhaps you just don't know where to start or who to trust?

Maybe you've tried quitting sugar

Maybe you've done the low Fodmap diet

Maybe the thought of going Gluten Free makes you want to cry!

Maybe dairy makes you queasy......

Sometimes, you don't even think it's possible for you to work it all out.....

I'm here to help.

I've helped so many people take back their health and heal their gut's.

In most cases, they come out the other side better than they have EVER felt!

It is my mission to take away the overwhelm, mystery, and anxiety of truly healing by outlining every single step to success inside my online program,

Just Start Today

How Would it Feel To...

  • Wake up every morning excited and energized, not trying to find a reason to take the day off work

  • Know exactly what fuels your body so you know what foods to eat to make you feel amazing

  • Know exactly what foods to limit and swap out for alternatives that serve you

  • Have an arsenal of foods in your pantry so there's never "nothing to eat"

  • Intuitively know when you truly want to eat something vs. emotional cravings and sugar crashes

  • Have time to do the things you want to instead of researching different foods, recipes, and the newest "sure thing" to fix your gut

  • Have the support from someone who's been through the wringer just like you, that can hold your hand through it all and be your sounding board, teacher, listener.... every step of the way

  • See a light at the end of the tunnel..... to know that this is not your forever reality and you can get your life back!

I create a supportive environment that enables you to articulate and achieve your goals with  



Knowing what to eat and how to cook doesn't have to be a

constant struggle

I'll be straight with you:

It's not easy, my program is not a quick fix......

There. Is. No. Quick. Fix!

I don't care what anyone tells you, there's no magic pill that's going to make your symptoms disappear, the weight drop off or the anxiety vanish and if anyone is offering you a pill for those things, run for the hills!

Your body is showing you these symptoms so you can work with it to understand what it is trying to tell you, covering up these symptoms with medications, creams, and quick fixes is not a long term solution.

They are a bandaid. 

We need to treat the cause, not the symptom.


I believe you've read this far for a reason,

So what are you waiting for?

Green Goodness
Banana Leaves

What you can expect





You can join my program and take back your precious time

Starting Today

Two Investment Levels


Just Start Today Classic Includes:

  • The entire Just Start Today program that outlines my exact step by step system to healing your gut 

  • Two 60 minute Zoom sessions per month

  • Simple healthy recipes, handouts specific to your needs, and all my tips and tricks to getting it right for you!

  • Access to the Just Start Today private Facebook group

*Microbiome analysis and other testing available as optional extras, if required.

One-off payment $1,997

Payment plans are available on request.


Just Start Today Live Includes:

  • The entire Just Start Today program that outlines my exact step by step system to healing your gut 

  • Two 60 minute Zoom sessions per month

  • Four months of Voxer (voice messaging app) access to me to get personalised support and accountability to help expedite your results

  • Simple healthy recipes, handouts specific to your needs, and all my tips and tricks to getting it right for you!

  • Access to the Just Start Today private Facebook group

*Microbiome analysis and other testing available as optional extras, if required.

One-off payment $2,997

Payment plans are available on request.

Or chat with me on messenger to answer any of your questions >>>

<<< Just hit the chat box in the bottom right corner to get started!


My coaching sessions with Bri opened up a whole new side of my health. I have had health issues in the past and Bri helped me get to a place of thriving health. No other health professional I've seen has really taken the time to create such individual sessions for me and my needs.

She is passionate and caring and truly connects with her clients holistically. I loved my sessions with Bri and cannot recommend her enough!



I didn't know how far I could come with a little guidance and accountability!

Working with Bri has been eye opening and something  I will never forget,  the changes I have made have given me great results and I've learned things I will implement for the rest of my life.


Working with Bri has shown me how truly easy and joyful healthy living can be!

With some small changes and some delicious new discoveries, I've managed to banish the bloat and tune into what my body is telling me it needs. Thank you, Bri!

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