I really enjoyed Briony's Kombucha class. I’ve been making Milk Kefir for the probiotic benefits for a couple of years now and wanted to try Kombucha as an alternative to Kefir.

Highly recommended!


Loved going to Briony’s class.

I learned so much, can’t wait to attend another one!


Learning how to properly second ferment my kombucha has been wonderful, I know now how to get a fizzy, tasty batch every time. Can't recommend this class enough!


I had the best day at Briony's sauerkraut workshop!

She is so knowledgeable and made the day fun.

There's so much to learn about fermenting. I can't wait to try my kraut in a few weeks.


I really enjoyed her kombucha class - it was fun and easy to get into.

Bri was a great instructor. She's approachable and a wealth of knowledge on all things Gut Health.

Absolutely highly recommend!


I attended Briony's Kombucha class through Laneway Learning and was surprised by how simple and easy to understand she made the class.

I thought it was going to be so much to remember but I'm pleased how clear the insructions were!


I booked a private class with Bri for a group of friends to learn how to make Kombucha, she was so accomodating and easy to communicate with. The class went off without a hitch and we all had so much fun learning how to make home made Kombucha.

Highly reccomend a private class with Bri!

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