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1 Hour Consultation

This is your hour, you can spend it however you want!

Perhaps you have a list of questions you can't find answers to, or perhaps you haven't known who to ask...

Maybe you'd like a sneak peak at what a 3 month program looks like with me? Then this single consult can help!

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1:1 Coaching

My 12 week Gut Healing Program provides a framework to make healing your gut possible.

I’ll teach you why it is you feel the way you do, I'll create a roadmap to get you healing and back on track, and in 12 short weeks, you'll be feeling like your old self again. 


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Pantry Clean Out

Ever open your pantry and not know where to start or what to cook?

Let me show you how to organise, what to buy and how to shop to maximise your cooking experience.

I come to you and we literally spend the day optimising your pantry for better health!                 

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Private and Corporate Fermentation Classes

Whether you want to try your hand at the ever-popular Kombucha or you have something a bit different in mind, we can customise a class for you!

With groups starting at 5 people, we can tailor a class topic and content to suit your desired ferment.

With all classes provided with a materials and ingredients list, it will be up to you and your group if you would like to have these on hand to follow along, or you can simply sit back and watch and soak it all in.

Classes are delivered via Zoom, so you can join from any corner of the world - how cool is that!

‚ÄčGet in touch today and see what delicious class we can create for you.

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'Just Start Today'

This 12 week online course is being created as a starting point for women who want to tune into their bodies, learn what it is telling them and know how to live a life of freedom and good health!

Register your interest to learn more about healing your gut with this customised course, due to launch 2021.

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