Hi, I'm Bri!

I'm a certified Holistic Gut Health Coach.

I show women who are struggling with bloating, gas and discomfort how to take away the anxiety and overwhelm in the kitchen.

I teach you how to eat intuitively and in a way that's right for you. Most importantly, I can teach you how to get your life and freedom back!

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What is Gut Health?

What does a healthy gut mean to you? 

Is it the lack of gas, bloating, and discomfort in your belly? 

What about brain fog, skin issues, or headaches? 

Research is showing that over 170 diseases are connected to our gut, and almost 90% of ALL disease can be traced back to an unhealthy gut! On the flip side, a healthy gut seems to also be at the foundation of vibrancy and optimal health.

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I offer a range of coaching and consultancy services, as well as private and corporate classes.

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I joined one of Bri’s popular Kombucha classes and I highly recommend it.

The class was so organised and Bri went through each step nicely, very easy to understand and interactive that I felt super confident I could ferment my own Buch (which I did without any doubt on what I was doing  ;-)) I also loved how Bri had so many flavour options prepared for my take home Buch. And I thought it was great that she had a starter and SCOBY for us to take home as well. Can't wait to join Bri's other classes!

- Elaine Alvarado

My coaching sessions with Bri opened up a whole new side of my health. I have had health issues in the past and Bri helped me get to a place of thriving health. No other health professional I've seen has really taken the time to create such individual sessions for me and my needs.

She is passionate and caring and truly connects with her clients holistically. I loved my sessions with Bri and cannot recommend her enough!

- Julie Holland

I was recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis and was looking for some advice on what I could do to improve my diet. 

I have followed Briony on Instagram for some time and knew she was the right person to have a session with. 

Her down to earth advice on food and supplements was just what I needed. All totally achievable, even in lockdown!

I look forward to learning and hearing a lot more from Briony in the future. 

- Tania Wilson